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Before 3Peace was 3Peace

3Peace Studios (unnamed at the time) was founded in 2007 by Jailyn Osborne.  Jailyn was busy working in the entertainment business as an acting coach and creative consultant to celebrities and longed for a more meaningful connection with people. She took her expertise to San Clemente, California in February of 2007 after returning home from a "High School Musical in Concert" tour where she assisted long time friend Vanessa Hudgens. Initially Jailyn was asked to substitute teach a musical theatre class, however the original instructor seemed to be non-exsistant so she officially took over the Tuesday afternoon class.

Jailyn would stay in Los Angeles and drive to Orange County to teach her single musical theatre class. Having owned a large dance studio in the past (at the age of 17), the actual teaching of the classwas no problem for Jailyn; little did she know that this class would eventually change the course of her life. While sharing her personal passion for live theatre to this group of 15 children, Jailyn realized that in order to truly get the indescribable feeling of the performing arts, you had to experience them first hand as a participant. Therefore she decided to put on a show with the small, young group of 15 amateurs. 

3Peace Early Beginnings

Because Jailyn had been involved in such enormously elaborate productions, she didn't think her students deserved anything less. After their initial session of 2-month classes ran out, she 

taught or better said, rehearsed, with the children for free. The class grew from 15 to 40+ children between the ages of 5 and 16 years. A couple children with autism were invited to be a part of the group. The practices went well however the San Clemente dance studio that originally hired Jailyn to substitute teach, went out of business due to the beginning of the recent economic struggles. Regardless, every Tuesday Jailyn found a place for the children to meet, sometimes in a park, sometimes at the community center. Eventually (9 months later), "Wizard of Oz" was performed at the San Clemente Community Center with complete costumes, props, sets and professional lighting, sound and special effects, specifically fire and smoke.

3Peace in the Works

At the cast party, Jailyn felt bittersweet as she handed out the yellow bricks she had made for each cast member in memory of the show. Although she was sad that her musical theatre adventure with these school children was over, she was excited about getting back to her familiar Hollywood lifestyle and pursuing her long awaited career as a screenwriter, especially with several scripts ready for production. However, with over 40 children and their parents demanding more, Jailyn knew there was no way she could introduce the amazing world of the stage and the magic that it produces and just walk away. In fact, her newly acquired theatre family was so persistent that one of the parent's allowed us to rent out the back of their office for rehearsals. All but 1 cast member of "Wizard of Oz" + 10 additional people signed up to do the next production, "HONK!" Without any advertising, this was pretty awesome! "HONK!" was performed in March of 2008 at a middle school in Rancho Santa Margarita, California that had a lovely stage and amazing theatrical equipment.

3Peace Gets a Name

After "HONK!" it was obvious to Jailyn that there was a need for a company in Orange County, California that was based off passion for the arts and the belief that these arts will spill over into every aspect of how you live your life. She felt that the arts should never be about how much money you can make or how important you can become but rather how by participating in the arts, you're in a much better position to make a positive impact on the world because you have the confidence to try, the knowledge of people and a myriad of situations to better understand as well as the experience and ability to work with others. It was also clear to Jailyn that many people are deprived of the arts because they cannot afford to participate or they have specific disabilities. She felt the aforementioned should NEVER determine whether you are involved with the arts or not. Jailyn also believed that just because a show is performed in a small theatre with people from varied ages and experience levels, didn't mean that creating a spectacular show should be sacrificed and instead the same attention to detail should be emphasized as if it were on Broadway including real dance choreography not just stage movement and authentic costuming. She knew that people with zero dance training could be taught in a short amount of time, if there was a visionary person who encouraged them. Therefore, she created  3Peace Studios, a center for the arts.

3Peace Finds a Place

Jailyn and her friend Mike Strizic saw the vision for  3Peace Studios. They together pooled ALL of their money and leased a storefront in San Juan Capistrano, California in May of 2008. Jailyn and Mike literally built the 80-seat theatre with their own two hands. Jailyn continued to bankroll  3Peace, however she in the process lost her home and other assets. As the model of 3Peace was set-up to not turn anyone away, much of the business came from low-income families who were not able to pay for these type of opportunities at other places. The struggle for 3Peace Studios to survive was on! In August of 2009, attorney Thomas Gruenbeck donated his services and legally created a non-profit corporation for 3Peace. Sadly, in February of 2010, the landlord kicked 3Peace out.

3Peace Stays Strong

Despite the turn of events, the 3Peace families remained united. The children met for their lessons and rehearsals in a local park in San Juan Capistrano, California where Jailyn taught them on most sunny Saturdays. In May of 2011 (14 months later), Jailyn along with the children and their parents as well as friends of 3Peace went to the Superior Court of California, County of Orange now armed with the incredible law firm Greg & Charbonneau, LLP in their corner for the scheduled 5-day Jury Trial regarding 3Peace. By the second day and after stellar negotiations by attorney Greg Brown, the judge signed off on the case and 3Peace Studios was given back the keys to their theatre.

With 7 active and operating Board of Directors and a Junior Board in the works, 3Peace Studios has miraculously evolved far beyond Jailyn's original expectations. As interesting as the past may be of this center for the arts called 3Peace, the past is merely history for it cannot be changed but what lies ahead is a sea of endless possibilities. The future of 3Peace Studios is exciting; come be a part of it!