Junior Board of Directors

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3Peace Studios 2011/2012

Junior Board of Directors



PRESIDENT:   Wylie Simpson

VICE PRESIDENT:   Cary Manfrini

SECRETARY:   Aubree Vasquez

TREASURER:   Katie Clavadetscher

DIRECTOR:   Tessa Engelsman

DIRECTOR:   Conor Shaw

DIRECTOR:   Quinn Shaw


If you have any questions about our Junior B.O.D., please email Human Resources at: hr@3peacestudios.com, thanks! 

Being a part of the Junior Board at 3Peace is quite an accomplishment.


Junior Board of Directors:

Must be between the ages of 11-21 years old as of January 1st, 2011.

If a minor, Parent(s)/Guardian(s) must consent to you serving as a Junior Board Member of 3Peace Studios.

Must commit to serve for a 1 year term as a Junior Director on the Board.

Must be available to attend regular monthly meetings.

Must maintain a 3.0 grade average.

Must be or have been involved (within the last year), a production at 3Peace Studios.

Must submit and essay.

Must attend a 1 on 1 interview with a panel of adults on the regular Board of Directors.


Attend regular monthly meetings.

Adhere and assist 3Peace Studios in staying true to its founding mission.

Plan, vote and choose the youth productions for the following year (2012).

Develop and maintain a budget for youth productions at 3Peace Studios.

Develop and maintain a youth outreach program for 3Peace Studios.

Create and maintain new and improved, as well as maintain existing operations for 3Peace Studios.

Plan and execute a youth fundraising campaign.

Plan and execute a process for recruiting new people and sustaining already established participants.

Raise awareness of the arts in the community.

Keep accurate records of the Junior Board and minutes from all meetings.

Establish yourself as a role model.